Alphabetical Listing of Policies

Accident Report & Recording Policy

Admissions Policy

Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Anti Discrimination Policy

Archive, Record Management Policy

Assessment Policy

Asset Mangement Policy

Photographing & Filming of Children Policy

Statement of Values Policy

Access to Reports & Other Information About a Student Policy

Parent Code of Conduct

Asthma Management Policy  

Attendance Policy

Bleeding students blood spills policy

Complaints, Parents policy

Running away from school policy

Blood-borne Viruses (Hepatitis & HIV) Policy

Child Safety Policy - Standard 1

Child Safety Policy - Standard 2

Child Safety Policy - Standard 3

Child Safety Policy - Standard 4

Child Safety Policy - Standard 5

Child Safety Policy - Standard 6

Child Safety Policy - Standard 7

Blood-borne Viruses (Hepatitis & HIV) Policy

Camps & Excursions Policy

Bully & Harrassment Policy

Parent Payment Policy

Parent Payments FAQ's

Refund Policy

Care arrangements for ill children

Children at Risk

Communication Procedures & Schedule

Critical Incident Recovery

Curriculum Framework

Data Analysis

Diabetes Management

Duty of Care

Emergency & Incident Reporting

Emergency Management Planning

Epilepsy & Seizure

First Aid

First Aid Register

Framework for Improving Student Outcomes

Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality

Governance & Management

Headlice Management

Health Care Needs

Hire of facilities


Immunisation & Exclusion (Infectious Diseases)

Incursions (Safety of Children Working with External Providers) 

Information Privacy

Internet & Social Media Use

Koorie Education

Mandatory Reporting (Child Protection)

Medical Emergencies

Medication (Administration of)

Minor Capital Works

Mobile Phones, Student Use

Naming a School

OH&S Management

Out of Home Care (Homelessness)

Parental Responsibilities (Decisions about Children)

Personal Devices - Parent Payments & Access

Police & DHHS Interviews

Policy Development & Review

Protocols for Visits by Members of Parliment

Responding to Student Sexual Offending

Responding to Violent & Dangerous Student Behaviour of Concern

Risk Management

School Council Legal Framework

School Hours

Smoking Ban


Staff Code of Conduct

Student Transfers

Sun & UV Protection

Support for Families Experiencing Hardship

Swimming Instruction - Water Safety

Uniform (Dress Code)

Using Digital Technology

Vision, Mission, Values

Visitors to the School

Volunteer Workers

Wellbeing & Learning

Working with Children Check - Staff

Working With CHildren Check - Volunteers

Yard Duty & Supervision

Fringe Benefits Tax Policy

Collection of Children Policy
Class Parties

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