Career opportunities

Tarneit Rise Primary School is a strong, inclusive community that proudly celebrates our diversity and multiculturalism and we are recruiting!

Instructional coaching is offered to all new staff. Our facilities are state of the art, our NAPLAN data improves every year (this year it was amazing!), our children are gorgeous, our curriculum is rigorous, and our leadership is strong. We are  looking for  reflective practitioners (of any level of experiences) who are committed to their professional growth and who want to make a difference in the world.

Our community works together to ensure every child has a positive, happy and rewarding school experience. Families and teachers are genuine partners in the learning process, ensuring our children strive to achieve their personal best and show kindness towards others.

The school has a dynamic, caring and innovative staff who work hard to provide a range of high quality learning opportunities to stimulate and challenge each child. This is done within a collaborative culture, creating a strong sense of community spirit and high expectations.

Enrolments for 2023 will be 1800. We are currently recruiting for classroom teachers and an occupational therapist.

All jobs are advertised on Recruitment Online and are ongoing.


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