Student Excellence Program


Student Excellence Program


At Tarneit Rise Primary School, our students have the opportunity to be involved in the Student Excellence Program. This program involves a range of initiatives to support and extend high-ability students.

The Victorian High-Ability Program (VHAP)

The Victorian High-Ability program provides students in Year 5 and 6 the opportunity to participate in 10-week online extension and enrichment programs, in English and Mathematics. After completing the virtual program, students will participate in a face-to-face masterclass with other high-ability students from schools in their local area. Students are identified for the VHAP program by the Department of Education and Training based on their NAPLAN and teacher judgement scores.

The Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES)

High-ability students from all year levels are identified and nominated at the school

level to participate in activities within the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series according to their abilities and interests. The aim of the program is to allow students to find their special abilities and talents through enriched and challenging learning experiences.



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