A School That We Can Be Proud Of!

Tarneit Rise Primary School opened in 2018 for children in grades prep, one and two. The school has a strong commitment to outstanding educational outcomes, the wellbeing and safety of its students and community.


At Tarneit Rise Primary School we have a strong focus on providing an excellent education to prepare all of our students for globalisation. As many of our students are already bilingual, they will play an important part in the future global world.


The staff here at Tarneit Rise Primary School are very committed to ongoing professional learning and, while we know that a strong focus on teaching and learning is vital, we also acknowledge that students need a breadth of experiences to develop all aspects of their personality, talents and skills.


Teachers at Tarneit Rise Primary School work in strong Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Each week, teachers analyse student data and plan for the next learning cycle. Analysing student data, regularly and collectively, ensures each child is taught at their point of need and that their learning is monitored. All children’s learning and wellbeing is the responsibility of all teachers and staff.


Tarneit Rise Primary School has three main learning sessions throughout the day, starting with two hours of English, 1-2 hours of Mathematics and an hour after lunch to support the teaching of Humanities and other capabilities in the curriculum.


We are very proud of our modern and well-designed school buildings and facilities.


We have talented specialist teachers providing students the opportunity to shine in many areas of the curriculum including French, Physical Education, Science, Performing Arts and Visual Arts.


Tarneit Rise Primary School follows the Victorian Curriculum.


@2018 Tarneit Rise Primary School